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Outstanding regional and rural leadership


Michael Croft

Michael Croft
  • Fellow, ARLP 18
  • Value adder
  • Diversity advocate
  • Slow Food leader
  • Author
  • Experimenter
  • Agricultural ambassador

Sponsor: Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation

... definitely a Rural Leader!

"The new experiential skills I have acquired from the ARLP are the ability to; simultaneously challenge conventional wisdom and forge new paths, whilst including as many as possible at the start, bring them with me, and leaving a clear trail for others to follow at their own pace."

A first generation farmer, Michael operates a vertically integrated, value adding, field to fork operation, bridging the city-country divide. Passionate about biological farming, diversity and resilient food systems, he promotes eating as an agricultural and ecological act. Michael is a director of several Industry organisations, a leader in the Slow Food movement, President of the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance, and an author.

He has experimented with growing fish in tanks that are positioned within a dam using the dam as a large biofilter. Michael is currently building a small scalable commercial Aquaponics system in which the fish water provides food and fertilizer for the plants, while the plants clean and recirculate the fishes’ water. Michael also has installed fly larvae breeders and self harvesters which feed the fish, thus eliminating a significant external input cost.

In 2013, Michael was invited to join the International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty. He also undertook the role as the civil society mechanism’s (CSM) Australasian delegate to the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) FAO, Rome.