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Outstanding regional and rural leadership


Nigel Scullion

Nigel Scullion
  • Senator
  • Fisherman and hunter
  • Thought leader
  • Minister for Indigenous Affairs
  • Northern Territory advocate
  • Fellow, ARLP 2

Sponsor: Fisheries Research and Development Corporation

...definitely a Rural Leader!

"The Program was largely experiential learning, real learning, which suited practical people like me who just got it. I am certain that I would not have aspired to be in the Senate without my learnings from the ARLP."

Nigel has been a member of the Australian Senate for the Northern Territory since 2001, representing the Country Liberal Party.

When Nigel undertook the second course of the ARLP in 1995, the Top End fisherman did not foresee the vibrant political career that was to soon unfold before him.

When he started the ARLP he was a Spanish Mackeral fisherman and marine consultant. He was the founding Chairman of the NT Spanish Mackeral Troll Line Association, Vice Chairman NT Fishing Industry Council, Delegate to National Fishing Industry Council, Chairman NT Fisheries Training Advisory Board and Vice Chairman National Fisheries Training Advisory Board.

As well as his busy role as a Senator, Nigel is also deputy leader of the National Party.