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Featured sponsor: Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation

Featured sponsor: Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation

Here we profile one of the many supporters helping us to develop leaders for a vibrant rural Australia ... View the full list of our supporters here

Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation was established in 1962 by Sir Vincent Charles fairfax, a man whose legacy reflects his life’s dedication to many charitable and voluntary commitments, as well as his strong interest in rural Australia.

He was the first Fairfax in Australia 
to establish a family charitable trust, outlining a sincere wish that his children would also contribute further to what he described as "this family pot of gratitude for all the benefits
we have received since landing in Australia in 1838."

VFFF’s ‘pot of gratitude’ has enabled it to provide funding for 13 ‘open’ ARLP scholarships in total–the first was in the inaugural year 1993, followed by a 1994 contribution towards establishment of the Alumni program, then the two scholarships per year for the last six ARLP cohorts (Courses 15 to 20 inclusive).

With many scholarships tied to specific industries, the recipients of open scholarships are often those innovators forging new territory for rural Australia.

Now, having assisted the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation to pursue the establishment of its own endowment fund, VFFF has provided its last pair of ARLP scholarships for participants participating in Course 20 this year.

“The ARLP aims to develop the strengths of those individuals in the bush who are forging the future of rural Australia. Their challenge is great and growing. VFFF is delighted to have assisted some of these rural leaders to participate in a program that is tailored to equip them meet their unique challenges on the front foot,” the foundation says.

Rural and regional Australia is one of four funding areas supported by VFFF. Through this theme, it aims to assist agricultural sustainability and productivity and support farming communities, rural workers and young people in rural environments.

Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation Scholarship Recipients -

ARLP 15 Eleanor Cook; Steven Keating

ARLP 16 Anthony Wolfe; Brooke Rankmore

ARLP 17 Ashley Bland; Rebel Black

ARLP 18 Michael Croft; Tammie Reid

ARLP 19 Luke Bailey; Simon Hopwood

ARLP 20 Kate Riddell; Sam Duinker

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