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Leaders hone media savvy in Adelaide

Leaders hone media savvy in Adelaide

Course 21 of the Australian Rural Leadership Program completed their second session in  Adelaide from 17-24 August, continuing their leadership development.

"Course 21 participants brought the enthusiasm, imagination and energy to Adelaide they had so capably shown in The Kimberley in May," Program facilitator Graham Smith said.

"They came to Adelaide to take on new challenges, and most importantly to get to know each other even better."

The Adelaide session was less physical than the remote Kimberley session, but the Program experiences were still demanding. The experiences ranged from handling media pressure to delving into the intricacies of personality profiles.

Developing as a larger group was the emphasis of the Adelaide session, which offered contrast to the previous session in the remote Kimberley where course participants had worked mostly in small teams.

"A highlight of the session was when the spouses, partners and special others of many of the participants joined the group," Graham said.

"It's an important opportunity for them to share in and understand the process their loved ones are immersed in."

“I have loved this weekend… it was great to feel so welcome. It feels like I could talk to anyone about anything," Stefanie Cherry said of accompanying her husband Tobin for some of the session.

Participants also valued the opportunity to enhance their bond as a network.

“The timing between sessions is perfect – just enough time to reflect and to re-energise," Tasmanian Forester, Jim Wilson said.

And media training in the ABC's Adelaide studio stretched participants' skills and confidence.

“Media training came along at the right time, it is very relevant," Janine Gertz, who promotes higher education participation and partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community groups, said.

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