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Opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders

Opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders

Applications are open today for the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leaders Program (NATSILP), which is an 11 or 12 day experience in which participants walk in the footsteps of remarkable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders to honour their story and support their leadership aspirations.

This new program is being delivered by the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation (ARLF). This initiative is supported/funded by the Australian Government.

Matt Linnegar, Chief Executive of the ARLF, believes it is a unique opportunity for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people 21 years or older, with a connection and interest in rural and regional Australia, to develop their leadership capabilities.

'By walking in the footsteps of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders, who have been challenging assumptions and bringing new approaches for decades, this program supports participants to grow as individuals and broadens their perspectives,' said Matt.

The Program Director/Facilitator, Scott Gorringe, completed a similar ARLF program in 2010, the Australian Rural Leadership Program. He calls on other Indigenous peoples to connect with the leadership capacity of our past, and remember and learn from their stories to set a way forward into the future.

'I want the participants of the program to co-create robust conversations that will engage significant shifts across the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander landscape,' said Scott.

'Participants will also engage in a mentoring program for six months. These mentors will support participants through this exciting leadership program,' he said.

There are 80 participant places available in total, across the four NATSILP programs which are being delivered throughout 2017.

Applications are currently open for NATSILP. Applications close 28 February 2017.

For more information, see National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Leaders Program


For media enquiries please call Monique Brouwer, Coordinator Communications, on 0400 913 813.

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Monique Brouwer

The application is available online. Please contact Scott Gorringe on 0427 022 139 or Naomi Browne on 02 6281 0680 at the ARLF, if you require an extension. http://rural-leaders.com.au/programs/national-aboriginal-and-torres-strait-islander-leaders-program-

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How can i apply

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Please email me some info on the program.

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