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The kitchen table movement: Voice for Indi

The kitchen table movement: Voice for Indi

It's a political narrative that has captured the attention of the nation, as well as captivating many of our regional, rural and remote communities. It's the story of an electorate feeling left behind, a canvassing of people's needs and the emergence of a candidate: Cathy McGowan, newly elected member for Indi.

While there are representatives across all of Australia's political parties who have worked hard to represent rural Australia, in this particular case, the triumph of an independent candidate over incumbent Sophie Mirabella in a safe seat offers a particular study in leadership.

For Cathy McGowan shares an important connection with the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation, having graduated from Course 3 of the iconic Program in 1997. Many of her campaign advisors and supporters are also graduates of the Program.

From kitchen table consultations to a widespread and unprecedented social media movement, the turn of events in Indi is, undoubtedly, a lesson in leadership. Beyond the politics, it is a story that will continue to resonate throughout rural Australia as it inspires and empowers others.

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