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ARLF Alumni Call to Action

ARLF Alumni Call to Action

The ARLF has spent the past six months ensuring that we have the right information to set a strategic direction that will shape the next three years. Our thanks goes to you, our alumni for giving generously of your time through kitchen table discussions, the survey and the perceptions audit. These are all foundation documents for the formation of a new strategic plan.

An overview of the ARLF Strategic Plan 2015-2018 can be viewed here or download the ARLF Strategic Plan Summary below. You will note that central to our success is and will be ‘an engaged and supportive network’.

In response, the ARLF has committed to a range of leadership development initiatives for Network members. These include:

-        The development of an online ‘leader’ portal

-        The establishment of a mentoring program

-        The instigation and/or support of think tanks of relevance to regional and rural leadership

-        The design and delivery of ongoing professional development activities such as Webinars and leadership ‘refresher’ retreats.

All opportunities will be advertised through the fortnightly Network-E, social media and our website.

LEAD Network ‘Call to Action’

As the ARLF Leadership Development And Engagement (LEAD) Network of alumni reaches 1000 members, we want to ensure your commitment to leading where you live or work is celebrated.

Through the initiatives described above and through other avenues developed to support the ongoing leadership endeavours of alumni members, we are committed to strengthening the relationship between the Foundation and the ARLF LEAD Network. In order to do this effectively, we need your support.

Opportunities to engage:

1.      Promote and share that you are a graduate of a Foundation leadership program. Talk about the influence of the ARLF to your life, remember the ARLF when involved in media presentations. Ongoing acknowledgement at every opportunity.

2.     Consider adding an Australian Rural Leadership Foundation post-nominal to your signature block and biography.

Ø  For Honorary Fellows and all those who have completed the Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP) or Murray Darling Basin Leadership Program (MDBLP), the post-nominal is FARLFellow Australian Rural Leadership.

Ø  For graduates of all other ARLF programs, including TRAIL, TRAILblazers and any of our customized programs, the post-nominal is ARLAustralian Rural Leadership.

3.     Write a blog on your leadership or a rural leadership challenge/opportunity for us to share. The Foundation has a space to host and share these pieces on our website. We have also created opportunities for this to happen through ABC Rural and Fairfax Agricultural Media.

4.     Participate in the leadership program selection process including ARLP interviews for program participants. This might including contacting the ARLF and adding your name to the list of possible interviewers, or providing a boardroom or an office for interviews to take place.

5.     Contribute your expertise to an ARLP case study session. The ARLP Case Study is an ideal way to showcase your region, community and industry, plus connect with the newest generation of Foundation leaders. If you are based somewhere that presents unique leadership, innovation and challenges being effectively met, let us know. We could develop a crucial leadership development session in your area.

6.     Expertise in facilitation and program delivery – It is important to us that we have a team of facilitators/educators that we can engage, depending on the needs of our partner and program delivery requirements. As such, we are seeking expressions of interest from our Network for educators and facilitators with the necessary skills and experience. For more details, see download below, Become an ARLF program facilitator.

7.     Contribute financially to the Foundation’s fundraising efforts. For more details on the Foundation's inaugural alumni scholarship, see the ARLF Alumni Scholarship download below. You can make a tax-deductible donation online or via our Annual Donation form which is an especially good option as tax time approaches. Or, consider signing up for a workplace giving program. This enables you to contribute a smaller amount over time through a direct deposit to the ARLF. Contact us info@rural-leaders.com.au for more information.

8.     Recommend candidates for the ARLP and other programs – it can be as simple as a shoulder-tap online. Encourage applicants for the ARLP, TRAIL and TRAILblazers.

9.     Share your leadership story by contacting the ARLF or sending through any appropriate media links. Contribute to the Network E by sending your information to jennifera@rural-leaders.com.au or claired@rural-leaders.com.au. We are happy to showcase achievements, businesses, opportunities and even roles sought in specific industries.

10.    Attend or create alumni and ARLF networking events, LEAD days and other leadership development initiatives.


Finally, we can only keep you up-to-date with the latest opportunities and happenings if we have your current contact details, skills and interests. Keep your profile up-to-date. For now, this involves dropping us a line on (02) 6281 0680 or info@rural-leaders.com.au. The ability to maintain your own details won’t be too far away as we develop a Network Portal. We will update you as this project unfolds.


ARLF Strategic Plan Summary [PDF 547.52kb] ARLF Alumni Scholarship [PDF 256.83kb] ARLF_AnnualDonation [PDF 470.42kb] Become an ARLF program facilitator [PDF 255.28kb]

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