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ARLP C21 complete Eyre Pen. case study

ARLP C21 complete Eyre Pen. case study

The 21st cohort of the iconic Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP) spent Sunday 8 to Sunday 15 February examining challenges, opportunities and innovation in regional industries on the Eyre Peninsula.

The eight day Case Study started in Whyalla and enabled the C21 Participants to personally discover contemporary influencers, challenges and the diversity of leadership currently active on the Eyre Peninsula by meeting with many local leaders on site in their communities, businesses and potential new developments.
ARLP Fellows contributed many personal contacts for the Case-Study and a special thanks to David Ellis, Helen Lamont, Jonas Woolford, Kane Williams, Craig Haslam, and Colin Murdoch for their insights and inspiration.
Walga Mine Director Elliott McNamara, OneSteele GM Thiens Victor, Cleanseas farms GM Guy Westbrook, Emma Forster, of Swim With the Tuna, Western Abalone Processors GM Kane Williams, Kinkawooka Mussels Manager Andrew Puglisi and Negotiation expert David Cromwell also made memorable contributions to C21 Case Study.
Seafood processing, steel production, Native Title, mining, aquaculture and adventure tourism were built in to the program session. As always for the ARLP,  the focus was on relationship building, the people of the region and the role of leadership in building regional resilience. Throughout the week the Participants kept up the development of their projects and most importantly their individual presentations.
The unanimous highlight of the week was an immersive workshop on regional tourism with 'Swimming With Tuna'. The course group willingly dived into a tuna pen with forty 70 kg tuna which can swim at 70 km/ hr. All participants returned home intact, smiling and with a wealth of questions and answers about leadership!

Graham Smith said industry case studies offer something for every background through the lens of leadership.

“We encouraged our course participants to meet key people, look deeply at the region’s unique character and think hard about the practice of leadership when there are big changes occurring” Graham said.

“This component of the ARLP has been revealing and inspiring for our health, education and arts leaders; our bankers; our public servants and community leaders, as well as our primary producers."

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