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ARLP C21 forge new bonds in Indonesia

ARLP C21 forge new bonds in Indonesia

Selamat tinggal Indonesia from C21

The Australian Rural Leadership Program Course 21 group are home after an experience-rich, energising and thought provoking two-week study tour of western and central Java.

C21 set out to gain a renewed perspective on their own rural, regional and remote leadership contexts in Australia by immersing ourselves  in a variety of regional Indonesian contexts. 

And immerse they did! From Jakarta to Cilegon to Bogor to Bandung to Yogyakarta C21 dived headfirst into the unique mix of Javanese and Sundanese culture. It is over two decades since the ARLP has visited Australia’s huge neighbour Indonesia and this was the first time such a comprehensive program has been undertaken. C21 made the most of the opportunity to engage with locals.

With a great deal of help from friends and colleagues in Indonesia, C21 met and got to know many Indonesians, and non-Indonesians working in Indonesia, who in turn guided them discover behind-the-scenes aspects of regional and metropolitan Java.

Interactions ranged from small group visits to some of the most impoverished communities in Jakarta, staying over in a traditional Baduy village, to inspecting some of the most bustling mega-malls in South East Asia. 

The itinerary took the group to traditional markets, fish markets, a feedlot, coffee production, cassava flour mill, orchid breeding, bamboo tissue culture,  agroforestry, rural health clinic, forest rehabilitation sites, university agriculture faculties, Islamic boarding and agriculture skills development school, and a research farm.

Above all, it was the people to people relationships which enriched the study tour. Indonesia and Australia now share many new professional friendships after this program. We expect there will positive exchanges between individuals, regions, communities and industry sectors as a result of this tour. New awareness, new knowledge and new channels of communication have opened.

C21 and the ARLF would like to thank Kym Hewitt and Dr Matthew Durban from the Australian Trade Commission who helped get this study-tour of C21 to Java off to a great start with an insightful series of presentations and events at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta. And C21 also great appreciated that ARLF CEO Matt Linnegar and ARLF Fellow Catherine Marriot (CEO Influential Women) were able to join the group and help see Java through the regional leadership lens on this pivotal tour. The plan is for this visit to be the first of at least a five year sequence of study tours to Indonesia by the ARLP.

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