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Course 22 complete Kimberley session

Course 22 complete Kimberley session

The 22nd cohort of the Australian Rural Leadership Program have completed their first program session in the Kimberley; an iconic part of this unique leadership development experience.

From 20 May, the newest ARLP group spent two weeks in the Kimberley forging important connections and developing the teamwork that will be an integral part of their program experience over the coming months.

Thirty leaders from diverse industries and communities around Australia have developed resilience and resourcefulness in the remote Kimberley setting.

“This session is the one that helps forge relationships among these leaders for the rest of the program, as they prepare to develop the capabilities they are going to need to lead in their industries and communities,” Manager, Leadership Programs, Graham Smith said.

“The Kimberley location is important, as it strips away distractions and the technology we’re so often hooked to in day-to-day life, and gets our leaders exploring personal values, leadership styles and team work,” he said.

The Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP) is rural Australia’s iconic leadership development program. It is a program of up to 50 days, delivered in multiple sessions over 15 months. Five of these sessions take place in locations across Australia, and one component takes place overseas. Group size is 30 to 35 leaders.

The ARLP aims to produce a network of informed, capable and ethical leaders who are able to work collaboratively to advance the interests of their industries, businesses, communities and rural Australia in general.   

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John Paterson (C3)

great to see (C22) participants completed the very challenging Kimberley experience, plenty of smiles and scenic photos. It is an experience I will never forget and continue to share with friends and family. Well done ARLF, keep up the good work, I am proud to be part of the ARLP Alumni.

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