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FELLOW MEMBERS: nomination form for directors

FELLOW MEMBERS: nomination form for directors

The twenty-third Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation is scheduled to be held at 12 noon, on Wednesday 18th November 2015 in the boardroom of the Australian Forest Products Association (Ground Floor, 24 Napier Close, Deakin Canberra ACT).

The Constitution (Article 27.2 a) requires the longest serving director from each membership category (Governor and Fellow) to retire or stand for re-election each year. At the 223rd AGM, Fellow director Barbara Madden, will stand down, as such the Foundation’s Board has one vacancy in the Fellow Member category

The Foundation’s Board is a skills based, not a representative body. A director in the Fellow category would be expected to bring relevant experience and work collaboratively with other board members and the chief executive to advance the interests of the company.

Nominations for a director in the FELLOW CATEGORY must be submitted electronically (Word Doc file ONLY) to the Company Secretary, mattl@rural-leaders.com.au no later than 5.00pm on  7 October 2015

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