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Revelian partnership aids future plans

Revelian partnership aids future plans

The Australian Rural Leadership Foundation recently completed an online survey in partnership with Revelian, in a process designed to allow all of our network to share their thoughts about the Foundation's current role and future directions.

Revelian is an Australian-based high-innovation company at the forefront of providing unique psychometric tests, surveys, games and communications analytics.

The company delivers insights to inform decisions that help recruit the right people, develop employees, as well as enhance and align team culture and performance. Leading companies, including some of the nation's biggest employers, use Revelian to support their hiring and people management decisions, with objective insights.

While Foundation CEO Matt Linnegar's whirlwind series of Kitchen Table chats throughout the country enabled many alumni, partners and friends to provide feedback, there were still many whose voices we needed to hear as we set about developing a strategic plan for the next five years.

Thanks to Revelian, a 'kitchen table survey' was developed that would enable all who wished to respond to do so digitally - the only thing ultimately missing being a real cup of tea and a scone.

The Foundation would like to thank Revelian for its commitment to working with the Foundation as a not-for-profit, dedicated to developing leadership for a thriving regional Australia.

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