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The wrap: TRAIL 2015

The wrap: TRAIL 2015

TRAIL 2015 concluded on the evening of Tuesday 14 April, after eight days of fast-moving, varied and challenging ACT-based program sessions for the ten participants. At a celebratory dinner, ARLP CEO Matt Linnegar presented the hard-earned TRAIL Certificates to the participants and welcomed the group to the ARLF Network.

TRAIL takes participants through experiences designed to establish collaborative skills, build team cooperation and understand individual’s behavioural preferences. 

Patricia Akee, Leitha Assan and Philip Uel Bani of Thursday Island, along with Trudy Azzopardi and Sherrill Stivano of Roma, Queensland; Robyn Harvey of Beechworth, Victoria; Trent Little of Broome Western Australia; Will McCrohon of Yanco, New South Wales; Shane Rees of Mildura, Victoria; and Donna Salway of Bemboka, New South Wales, represent a true snapshot of up-and-coming leaders.

Diversity was a recurring theme for the group as during the program they learned a great deal about each other’s wide range of professional, geographic and cultural backgrounds. Diversity was also built into the program which began outdoors in the high country of the southern ACT and finished among the national institutions in the Parliamentary precinct.

Recurring comments from the participants were:

“Challenging, inspirational…”    “Overcoming huge, physical and mental hurdles to work as a cohesive team “   …..  “Challenging and rewarding”   

TRAIL 2015 included representatives from across Australia - participants included a bank manager, doctor, health educator and leaders working in fields including marine safety, dairy and community arts and culture.

Presentations by the participants at the final dinner were engaging and showed that they are indeed ready to carry on the work of leadership back in their communities across regional, rural and remote Australia.

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