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Unassuming young achievers put Gen-Y peers to shame

Unassuming young achievers put Gen-Y peers to shame

26 May 2016 | The West Australian | WA

Fellow of ARLP Course 21, Elizabeth Brennan, was recently named 2016 WA Young Achiever of the Year.

OPINION: Gemma Trognini

Last Friday I was a guest at WA’s 2016 Young Achiever Awards. As it happened, I was a last-minute mate-date for a friend and let’s just say the irony wasn’t lost on me.

There I was, sitting in a ballroom surrounded by WA’s top over-achievers. But even better. Millennial over-achievers. Some things in life just come gift-wrapped, don’t they?


Take 29-year-old Elizabeth Brennan from Wongan Hills who was named WA’s Young Achiever of the Year. This articulate, passionate, intelligent young woman is, quite frankly, a force to be reckoned with. She is president of the Australian Women in Agriculture and a member of the World Farmers’ Organisation Women’s Committee. She volunteers with Meals on Wheels. She also lived in PNG for two years as a volunteer with AusAID.

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