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Fair go for kids

The Foundation is proud to support the Fair Go For Kids Project, an overseas initiative ARLP Course 2 graduate Kim Russell has introduced the Foundation to through a family connection in Zimbabwe.

Through the inspiring story of political activists and humanitarians, Sekai Holland and her husband Jim Holland, a number of Foundation fellows from a range of industries have collaborated in a project designed to give children in Zimbabwe the opportunities that are often taken for granted.

Foundation Network contributors to the project include Russell Taylor, ARLP Course 2 graduate, Nick Austin, ARLP Course 10 and Vince O’Donnell, ARLP Course 8. The Network has helped develop a prospectus for the project and members have helped formulate directions for the establishment of a sustainable residential training centre for children. It is envisaged that the centre will include agricultural production systems that reflect and build upon Australian-Zimbabwean know-how.

Sekai Holland was a founder of the Anti-Apartheid Movement in Australia in the late 1960s. Now, in the Transitional Government set up in Zimbabwe in February 2009, Sekai works with other ministers as Co-Minister for National Healing, Reconciliation and Integration. Her husband Jim is the Founder and Secretary of the Fair Go for Kids Trust, the organisation that will oversee the establishment of a residential children’s education and training centre in Zimbabwe. This centre will provide a pilot that could possibly be replicated throughout the country to provide a safe, healthy, caring and educational environment for the children of Zimbabwe.