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The following books and other media are available through the Network. Our thanks to ABC Radio (Canberra) and the National Library of Australia for their support in providing these publications for the use of members and those they pass them on to.

The publications offer "food for thought" to help rural leaders in their personal and professional development.

The views and values espoused in these publications are not necessarily those of the Foundation.

Townsend, H., Serving the Country: The History of the Country: The History of the Country Women's Association of New Soth Wales

A number of members might have wonderful memories of the Country Women's Association (or remain involved). This publication traces the history of the CWA in NSW. A lovely book with many pictures, including many with sponge cakes!

Dorsey, D. 1994, The Force

The Force tracks Fred Thomas and his sales team through the pressure of sales and big business that requires each and every person to make their sales quota. This is a business book written as a novel.

Smyth, B. 2016, Bad Hair Year: Beating a Brain Tumour, Breast Cancer, and Healing a Broken Heart

If you think you're having a bad year, have a look at this book! A week before Christmas in 2010, Bambi Smyth was a party when she met an aphthalmologist who, upon observing her bloodshot right eye, suggested she seek a referral to a specialist sooner rather than later. So she did and on Christmas Day a CT Scan revealed a golf-ball sized tumour sitting behind her eye. A year later a routine mammogram showed Bambi had a lump on her breast, which was soon diagnosed as cancer. Bambi's resilience, positive outlook, her sense of humour, and her support system (and what I would call some "good luck") helped her through her rounds of reatment. This book helps put life into perspective and self-acceptance front and centre!

McPhee, H. (compiler and ed.) 1999, Tim Winton: a Celebration

This volume features four essays about Tim Winton's life and work. Writers include Helen Garner and Michael McGirr.

Tapp Coutts, T. 2016, A Sunburnt Childhood: Growing up in the Territory

Toni Tapp Coutts grew up on the massive Killarney Station in the Northern Territory. Her father, Tony Tapp, was living out his dream to be a cattle king. Her mother, June Tapp, would have nine more children after Toni. While Bill ran the cattle, June ran the Killarney community.

Malone, P. 2014, The Peaceful People: The Penan and their Fight for the Forest

The Peaceful People is the story of the Penan, the jungle nomads of Sarawak, Indonesia, who for decades have fought for possession and preservation of their traditional forest lands. Drawing upon interviews as well as the diaries and journals of explorers, botanists and colonial administrators, and the observations of missionaries, the book provides a comprehensive account of the dynamics of Penan society.

Davis, W. 1995, The Lucky Generation: a Positive View of Australia in the 21st Century

In this book, William Davis portrays a very different future for Australia, 'the lucky country'. He puts forward a powerful and detailed case for the view that change should be welcomed, not resented; and that the next generation will be the lucky generation. They will have more interesting and rewarding jobs; increased life expectancy and better health will have profound and beneficial effect on the way they live and work; the arts will flourish, and travel become the world's biggest industry.

Andrew, J., Breckwoldt, R., Crombie, A. Aslin, H., Kelly, D. and Holmes, T. 2005, Fostering Involvement--How to Improve Participation in Learning

Written as part of RIRDC's Human Capital, Communications and Information Systems Sub-program, this publication includes several case studies involving different industries and rural communities and looks into why people do not participate in industry and government programs.

Fearnley, K. 2014, Pushing the Limits

When Kurt Fearnley was a kid, he would leave his wheelchair at the front gate and go exploring with his brothers and sisters. "You're going to have to be stronger than we are," they told him, "and we know you will be." The boy from Carcoar was raised to believe he could do anything. At fifteen, he won his first medal. Then he went on to win three Paralympic gold medals, seven world championships and more than 35 marathons. This book, written by Kurt looks at how he was as a country kid with a disability, a teenager trying to find his way in the world, and an elite sportsman who refused to give up.

Main, G. (2000) Gunderbooka: a 'Stone Country' Story

George Main writes with an eye for detail and a deep feeling and sense of involvement with Gunderbooka and its people. He weaves a story of how this landscape imposes itself upon people and how they are shaped by it. People have left their tracks on the land as Aboriginal art and cultural sites, fences and homesteads. A new environment would emerge yet the character of Gunderbooka has prevailed.

Cairnes. M. 1992, Peaceful Chaos: The Art of Leadership in Time of Rapid Change

Peaceful Chaos takes the reader through a series of ideas, case studies and exercises to help you undertake change within a business environment.

Bridge, C (ed.) 2008, A Delicate Mission: the Washington Diaries of R. G. Casey, 1940-42

This is the diary of R. G. Casey soon after he established an Australian legation in Washington in February 1940, and records his daily duties and strategies. He egages with a wide range of people and he speaks on a range of topics but essentially e aims to "sell Australia" and woo America for the Commonwealth's war cause.

Bosch, H. 1995, The Director at Risk: Accountability in the Boardroom

This book is of interest to all directors, providing insight into the complex processes necessary for the effective operation of boards.

McConnell, J. 1992 (3rd ed.) The Seven Tools of TQC

Although technical in nature, this publication provides a TQC framework for the use of statistics at all levels of management for total quality control.

Dorsey, D. 1994, The Force

The Force tracks Fred Thomas and his sales team from their dawn starts in the office to their sales-based country clubs. This is Davd Dorsey's take on a contemporary business and he uses Fred Thomas to represent the new business person. It is a novel set within a business setting that provides lessons for anyone involved in the business world.

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