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Outstanding regional and rural leadership


Challenges Facing Rural Australia

Complex change is testing the mettle of Rural Australia. A dynamic global environment and social, environmental and structural change mean big challenges for the bush. Shifting weather patterns and changes in land use, natural resources and fuels, are also driving adjustment.

Over the next 20 years, fifty per cent more food will be needed to feed the world’s growing population and there will be increased demand for minerals, energy and water (National Farmers Federation, Farm Facts 2011).

Rural Australia has a key role to play in meeting this need. And good leadership will be instrumental in this endeavour.

Influencing change and development

The Australian Rural Leadership Foundation develops leaders who can work effectively at all levels to ensure a resilient future for the communities, organisations and industries of rural, regional and remote Australia.

High calibre rural leaders create:

  • better industries and local businesses
  • stronger links between sectors and regions
  • more dynamic networks
  • innovation and development
  • robust rural communities. 

Our nation needs its rural heart. And it needs good leaders:

  • in the regions
  • in the remote and rural settlements in inland and coastal areas
  • in agricultural service centres and mining towns
  • in Aboriginal outstations
  • in desert communities and outback townships.