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Outstanding regional and rural leadership


Driving Change

The impact of the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation on rural, regional and remote Australia, is seen through the work that we know our graduates are doing; through their industries, communities and voluntary undertakings. As the Network of graduates grows, so does their cumulative contribution to our country.

Leaders at work

The Foundation’s graduates are valuable drivers of change in, and for, rural Australia.

We have nurtured leaders who have gone on to become senators, ministers, heads of influential rural industry organisations and board members. Countless more are working dilligently in research, education, health, arts and many other areas. Others are running innovative businesses, family and community endeavours, and some are providing leadership development services themselves.

Empowering leaders

The Foundation’s programs are unique. Refined over many years, they use innovative and effective educational approaches.

Based on a defined leadership model and integrated curricula, they take a practical approach to learning.

They produce measurable and significant improvements in leadership capacity. They create leaders with compassion and commitment, strategic thinking and negotiating skills, and the foresight to influence communities, industries, businesses and policy makers.

An overview of the ARLF's philosophy, processes and leadership principles can be found in the attachment below.


Program framework for ARLP [PDF 1.06mb]